Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is popular because it’s easier through direct marketing to reach the customers with a range of tailored approach. Direct marketing is a marketing system and is aimed at maintaining or establishing a direct relationship between provider and customer. It is done via telephone, mail or other interactive media. Indirect marketing there must be a measurable response: the effects of direct marketing must be measurable so good. (For more information on direct marketing see

With a marketing or business strategy, the direct marketing is one of the most important strategies. An instrument of strategy is the distribution to the consumer or the communication with the consumer directly. In this case, one of several direct marketing strategies.

Direct marketing takes advantage of the following:

  • Consumers are increasingly self-centered, highly educated and increasingly able to arrange things themselves. It is not so much influenced by vendors.
  • Through direct marketing to the customer’s personal service approach and to offer them exactly the situation the customer is directed. This is convenient because the consumer through the mass media is overwhelmed with information.
  • The average household is decreasing. There are more and more working women and dual earners. More and more people have less time to shop. Home shopping saves time.

The Database Must Be Good

For a direct marketing company, a good database is a prerequisite. The database information is stored for setting up and implementing action plans. Except the directory which includes names, addresses, zip codes, addresses of potential customers, the database also socio-economic data, demographic data (size household, education, income, wealth class, age), behavioral characteristics (reading habits, consumption, car ownership, etc. ), lifestyle (leisure, opinions, interests, etc.) and time for appointment setting. For building a good database there must be a formulated group. The characteristics of the target group should be established.